Author: Ania Onion Bula

Author of Young, Sick, and Invisible: a Skeptics Journey with Chronic Illness.

toking crohnie with a yellow spirally ladle dripping rainbow drops

Beef Wellington with Chestnut and Aged Cheddar Pate

Some will argue that this recipe is not a proper Wellington since it lacks a mushroom duxelles, however, original recipes actually use pate rather than duxelles and so since the chestnuts are made into a pate, I stand by the name. 😛

A baked Beef Wellington

Chestnut and Aged Cheddar Pate 
200 g of Roasted Chestnuts
200 g of Aged Cheddar; grated
Fresh Thyme
1 Clove of Garlic
1/4  Yellow Onion
1 Strip of Bacon


Pre-Episode Banner. Like original but with a purple background and the words Pre-Episodes

Our First Pre-Episode!

Our First Pre-Episode as we work on setting up all the sites and media to make sure our first official episode is up to snuff, while still providing something of value. Here is a short video on how to roll a joint using a joint roller.

Until captions can be set up here are basic instructions accompanying the video.

1. Roll a piece of card-stock paper into a filter (optional) and place it into the joint roller.
2. Place your herb into the roller and lifting one of the ends, close the two ends together.
3. Roll fabric around to pack the herb together tightly.
4. Feed the paper in like typewriter paper. Make sure the edge with the lick-able adhesive it facing towards you.
5. Before you reach the end, lick the adhesive generously and continue rolling until paper has fed all the way through and around once or twice more.
6. Open the ends and voila!