About the Toking Crohnie

The Toking Crohnie with kitty ears and a mischievous smile
I’m a disabled, queer, wibbly-wobbly gendery-wendery, social justice activist who is pro-choice, pro-sex work, and manages to say all that in one breath. I write about a variety of issues including atheism, sex and sexology, psychology, social justice, and my own struggles with body and health issues on the blog I write with my wife.

I am the author of Young, Sick, and Invisible, a book about my experiences living with Crohn’s disease and a variety of other disabilities, that should be available in stores and on amazon next summer.

Always a bit of a performer, I’ve been thinking for some time about expanding into video blogging as well. I’ve been a medical marijuana user for some years now, and in that time, I have learned a lot of useful information that is not easily accessible to patients. Particularly those who might be coming to marijuana later in life. With that in mind, I decided to make a series of instructional videos regarding different ways to take mmj, the differences in strains, and other useful tidbits to help improve the quality of life for users.

In addition, I’ve had friends and readers asking me for years to show them how to make some of the amazing meals and dishes I make. As such I am going to let the Toking Crohnie take over the Twisted Ladle in a series of food related videos. Learn how to can your own preserves, how to make a fantastic steak, how to make sushi, basic home staples, and a variety of other fun food explorations.

I live in Ottawa with my wife, two cats, three turtles, several fish, and a dog. Many of whom will be making appearances on my show.


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